About the Forum


KL River Forum is established to serve as a center of information about River of Life Public Outreach Programme Phase 5, issues, activities, progress and impacts made. Regular updates and information about ROL and ROLPOP 5 will be made to keep the targeted audience and public updated on the happenings and work towards the same goals. Besides that, it will also allow feedback and views from end user to be shared through a bottom-up approach.

Rules and regulations

1.    User must provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself for the sign up and login.  
2.    Each user is responsible for his/her account and limited for one user account.
3.    Do not trolling or flaming.
4.    Do not post on sensitive issues or topics (e.g. politics, religious) which is not related to the klriver.org.
5.    Do not spam, post unconstructively or open multiple threads with similar messages.
6.    Copyrighted photographs may not be used in any form without proper indication of the source and if needed, permission of the owner.
7.    False or unverified rumours are prohibited.
8.    Be polite and courteous to others. Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS during the discussion, this is considered yelling and rude.
9.    Do not post personal or private information of another person (e.g. name, photo, phone number, address, etc.)
10.    Do not advertise your company, products or other services within the forum.
11.    Moderator reserves the right to remove or delete the posts or comments if they breach the rules and regulations above.